Futures commitments

Commitment to developing new technologies and services is important and vital to L.E.S Mécanique Inc. future. The profond and important changes undergone during the last decade has positioned the company favorably in engaging itself to develop specific strategies. The company has committed itself to achieve quality control recognition (ISO-9002) and to implement highly skilled technological management tools.

Globalization has placed companies with protected commercial markets in direct competition with world wide companies. This situation has had the direct effect of drastically reducing profit margin for companies not prepared for this type of global competition. Hence the qualified ressources available to execute projects are less and therefore must be controlled more stringently today than in the past.

In order to face global competition, L.E.S. Mécanique Inc. has empowered an internal committee chargd with the responsibility of creating administrative and production quality control systems. This recognized certification system, ISO-9002, will give the client the opportunity to envisage a complete understanding of the company and the professional quality of services to be offered.

Futhermore, L.E.S. Mécanique Inc. has developed during the last several years a new computerized system. This system has permitted the introduction of various highly sophisticated technologies into the administrative and production systems of the company. The company will now integrate this computerized technology into all its specialized services.

L.E.S. Mécanique Inc. advances with great aspirations towards the next years. All client expectations and requirements will be answered and served equally by the certification of ISO-9002 and new highly sophisticated computerized technologies.

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