Personalized services

L.E.S. Mécanique Inc. not only counts on its exceptional expertise in the different speciality services it possesses but equally on the personalized services it gives its clients, to insure that their projects are in good hands.

To maintain excellent progress of projects, L.E.S. Mécanique Inc. puts at your disposal all the administrative, logistical and organizational ressources necessary. Futhermore, in order to keep close contact between the client manager of projetcs and L.E.S. Mécanique Inc., the members of its management are available and would be please to offer the following services ;

  • answer all your questions
  • estimate new projects
  • intervene in work in progress
  • take charge of your projects
  • and much more.

The availability of the key personnel of L.E.S. Mécanique Inc. is one of the principal reasons the company has experienced continual success since its founding in 1989. This asset becomes an important factor for the client, when the time comes to choose a general contractor or a specialized entrepreneur like L.E.S. Mécanique Inc. At the dawn of year 2002, the tendency to globalize all markets into one continues to increase. In order to face this challenge, modern industries need entrepreneurs who are ready and prepared to answer all expectations and requirements from project managers and maintenance production plant managers. L.E.S. Mécanique Inc. is one of those entrepreneurs.

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