Air pads relocation

The utilization of new technologies is also foreseen by L.E.S. Mécanique Inc. as in integral tool to increase its share of the market and surpass competition.

Certain relocation projects, require especially designed tools and ttechnology to move equipment or heavy machinery. L.E.S. Mécanique Inc. posseses these tools and the technology. Air pads literally levitate and relocate to new location equipments and machinery (weighting up to 40,000 kilos).

Air pads relocation technology consumes less human and material ressources compared to the usual methods. In fact, it eliminates the use of lift trucks, cubersome tools and large relocation equipment. Air pads technology is faster, more efficient and reduces the risk of damage to surrounding equipment and injury to personnel.

If you foresee the relocation of equipment under normal or difficult conditions, air pads technology is the ideal solution. Please contact one of the L.E.S. Mécanique Inc. specialist for further information.

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