L.E.S Mécanique Inc. is a general and specialized contractor in industrial pipefitting, millwrighting and relocation of equipment and production plants. Founded in 1989, the corporation has its head office in Montreal and its activities cover the greater metropolitan area.

L.E.S. Mécanique Inc. clients are firms with national and international stature such as TVA Network, IBM, Consumer Glass, Rehau and Ayerst, as well as various government organisations.

One of L.E.S. Mécanique Inc. specialities is pipefitting. The experience and the expertise acquired in this field, permits the company to master the varied aspects encontered on projects, such as scope of work, type of materials, size of equipments, constraints, and others.

L.E.S. Mécanique Inc. also offers millwrighting services, specifically in the installation, modification and maintenance of all types of conveyor systems, pumping equipment, components of settling basins for contaminated waters and many other types of equipment.

The combination of specialized tradesman in millwrighting and pipefitting, is of great advantages to the company. This insures the success of any project undertaken, involving equipment relocation, especially when this equipment is vital to a company's operations.

L.E.S. Mécanique Inc., a local firm, commited to supply its clients not only with speciality services but also with unequalled availability of its key personnel and a full commitment to total quality.